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Terms and Conditions

Below we have set out the terms and conditions that will apply when you use the services provided by Move One. For more information on any of our terms click on the hyperlinks below. These terms lay out the agreement between Move One and the respective client. There are no warranties, terms, conditions or collateral agreements other than as set out in the terms listed below. These terms and the agreement between Move One and the respective client will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws in the Emirate of Dubai. To register a dispute either during or after the move, written notice must be given within 7 days. Even when this notice is given, Move One and the respective client agree that they will continue to perform the obligations set out in the contract. This includes the final payment.



Extra charges

Check the small print of our competitors as they all have extra charges. There will be additional charges added to your final invoice for the following services:


Move One

Payment terms