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Specifically in context with our scope of work and the high-risk areas we work in, MoveOne in association with reputed insurers offer comprehensive insurance solutions to our clients as part of our value added service offerings.

1. Marine Cargo Insurance: While cargo is being transported from one place to another it is exposed to various risks such as extensive shifting/handling by the transporter, weather factors, theft, loss etc. Marine Cargo Insurance is an insurance solution designed specifically to cover loss or damage to cargo while it is being transported (either by road, sea or air) for its full declared value. If cargo is not insured, the client will receive only part compensation for claims of damages/loss etc. as most transport carriers and operators have 'limited liability' as per their Standard Trading Conditions.

1.1 Commercial Cargo Insurance:As a value added service to our clients, we provide an All-Risks cover for all types of commercial cargo (new or used) without any geographical restrictions and at very competitive rates to our clients. Apart from the standard All-Risks cover we offer our clients unique coverages like 'War & Strikes Risks', Packing Clauses, Refused/Returned shipments etc. at no additional cost. For more detailed information on the coverage and exclusions, please refer to the policy synopsis document.


1.2. Household Goods & Personal Effects Insurance:This form of cargo insurance is designed specifically to cover loss or damages to HouseHold Goods & Personal Effects including privately owned Cars, Motorcycles & Boats during transportation. Coverage options are All-Risks (for professionally packed goods only) and Total Loss.






Household Goods and Personal Effects



Minimum Premium: Subject to a minimum premium of AED 365 each policy issued.                                                                

2. Pet Travel Insurance: This form of insurance covers the expenses directly resulting from loss, theft and injury or death of the pet being transported    caused by external circumstances. For more details on the exact coverage and exclusions please refer to the policy synopsis document.